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Corporate Office: Office 408, 4th Floor, Block D & E, Chandigarh City Centre, Zirakpur, Punjab-140603
Registered Office: Rajeshwari Puram, Mohkampur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand-248001

Phone: +91-708-746-8711



MyOohr is a user-friendly application that provides a complete digital solution for parents concerning their kid's schooling. An app-based platform for parents, by which they can easily online interact with school management and school transport system. The parent has to download the app from the play store, connect it with the school web platform and also connect with it to the school commute driver app. Basically, it provides online platforms for those schools that are not able to own their app and websites. Also, provide an online platform to those school transport who do not have an online tracking system.

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