We provide a web-based portal to school management. In concern for the safety of students, Web School’s transportation management system is included with a system that notifies parents with free notification service when their child enters or exits the scheduled bus. The web-based portal includes all the transportation details and student details of whoever installed the MyOohr app or Travelling through the Myoohr App. It also provides a web platform to schools by which they can directly communicate to parents. It gives a medium to transmit kid's related all information to the parents.


Online Homework distribution

It offers an easy platform for online homework. Schools can submit and parents can receive their kid's homework online.


Video conferencing or Online class option

It offers an online video classroom so that students can receive the lecture at home and the school can connect to the student.


Online payment facility to school or driver

This platform provide online payment medium for parents to pay school fee and transport fee online.


Travel history of school transportation vehicles

Parents and school can view detailed history such as pick/drop time and route taken.


Free online class

This app provides a free digital medium to schools for online classes.


Free online notifications

Schools can send any kind of notification free to parents.


Free online media sending

Schools can share images and videos with parents online.


Image and Video distributions

We will take regular feedback in regards with driver from parents in order to ensure driver's validity and vehicle condition.


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MyOohr is a user-friendly application that provides a complete digital solution for parents concerning their kid's schooling. An app-based platform for parents, by which they can easily online interact with school management and school transport system. The parent has to download the app from the play store, connect it with the school web platform and also connect with it to the school commute driver app. Basically, it provides online platforms for those schools that are not able to own their app and websites. Also, provide an online platform to those school transport who do not have an online tracking system.

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