Enterprise Resource Planning System

Oohr Innovations Private Limited is a company dedicated to furnishing digital platforms for all educational institutions


Why You Need Our Service


Digitalize Your School

Seamlessly transform your educational institution into a digital hub, where administrative tasks, communication, and learning converge for enhanced efficiency and modernization.


Manage Your School

Empower your institution with a comprehensive and intuitive management system that simplifies daily operations, enabling you to focus on fostering a thriving educational environment.


Student Management

Effortlessly streamline student records, attendance tracking, and academic progress with our user-friendly platform, ensuring a holistic approach to student management.


Staff Management

From recruitment to performance evaluation, our software provides a robust solution to efficiently oversee and optimize your staff's roles, responsibilities, and professional growth


Noticeboard Management

Keep your school community informed and engaged with a dynamic digital noticeboard, facilitating swift communication of announcements, events, and important information

How It Works

Our platform offers a cost-free ERP solution tailored for effective school work management. To get started, follow these simple steps


Begin by signing up using your email address. This initiates your journey towards a streamlined school management experience

Information Input

Input all the essential school-related details. Provide information about your institution, its particulars, and any unique aspects that define your educational setup

Data Compilation

Compile comprehensive lists of students, teachers, and staff members. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to organize and manage these crucial profiles effortlessly.

Time Table & Calendar

Design a well-structured timetable and calendar, ensuring a smooth flow of classes and activities. This dynamic scheduling feature enhances your institution's operational efficiency.

Fee Structure & Dates

Set up your fee structure and important payment dates. Our system helps you manage financial matters seamlessly, ensuring timely transactions and accurate records

Software Readiness

With these steps completed, our software is ready for use. You've successfully transformed your school's management process into a streamlined, efficient, and digitally-powered environment. Enjoy the benefits of hassle-free administration and enhanced productivity

Company Motto

At the heart of our mission lies the resolute commitment to usher in a new era of education - one that is truly accessible to every child. As the winds of change sweep across the landscape, the imperative of digitalization resonates louder than ever. In this rapidly evolving world, schools stand as crucibles of transformation, poised to shape the brightest futures for our children.

Our guiding principle is crystal clear: To transform every school into a digital haven. We recognize education as an inherent right, and we understand that the future is intricately woven with technology. A tech-integrated and digitally adept school environment isn't a luxury; it's the cornerstone of a brighter tomorrow for our youth. In pursuit of this vision, we proudly offer free-of-cost software solutions. Our commitment is unwavering - we're here to empower every school, regardless of their resources, to offer the best in education. Together, let's illuminate the path to knowledge and equip our schools with the tools they need to sculpt a generation of forward-thinkers, innovators, and leaders.